Bringing the creative industries hub to life

August 8, 2018

With Creative Victoria’s announcement of the Morley building as the site for a creative industries hub in Bendigo, the CoCreate Group are looking forward to a collaborative and creative road ahead. Collectively, our team brings passion and experience in coworking, business management and coaching, creative start-ups, professional arts practice and working with communities.

“We’re excited to be working with Creative Victoria and the arts-business community to bring the idea of the creative industries hub to life” (Kir Larwill, CoCreate).

We will start by tuning in to work already done, and conversations already had, and picking up where these left off.

“It’s a privilege to be given the task of re-energising and building on the plans and ideas that the community have had for some time, and to be doing this in a much-loved space where we can make those ideas happen – the Morley Building – We will be renewing and building relationships, and re-energising a shared purpose.”

Our approach will be shaped by a love of what’s local. We recognise what makes creative entrepreneurs unique, and of enormous social, cultural and economic value to the region.

“We understand regional community life, and regional economic life. We live and work in the region, and have local arts, community and business experience” (Kir Larwill, CoCreate).

“Creative entrepreneurs contribute a huge amount. The product they offer, the neighbourhoods they build, their intellectual property – all contribute to regional development by attracting people, business and tourism, and enhancing products, services and experiences” (Tim Ford, CoCreate).

Over the coming three months there’ll be gatherings, conversations, networking events, and a range of professional development opportunities. The re-purposing of the Morley Building and working out what will happen in the space, will develop from this. What’s possible is a combination of creative spaces for: gathering and meeting; socialising and eating; shared desks and workstations; big and small tenancies; production and making; learning and exchange; showcasing, retail and installation.

“Creative entrepreneurs are an exciting segment of contemporary economies. To reach their potential, and be able to take their ‘creative product’ as far as they can, they are likely to need a whole range of resources and opportunities tailored to them. This is what we will work with them to develop and provide” (Kir Larwill, CoCreate).

In the meantime, CoCreate will be seeking to connect with as many interested people as possible. We look forward to the shared road ahead, and making the hub a wonderful reality.

The Bendigo Creative Industries Hub is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

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